Body Power
Develop Functional Body Weight Strength & Power


Build Usable Functional Strength

The core of MHMBG Skills Training is the practice of perfecting movement skills: Running, Jumping, Crawling, and Climbing. We apply this practice in our classes to help you build the usable strength that is functional, and can be applied to your daily life. Moving you through our progressions is how you get strong and also who we meet everyone at their fitness level.

Gain High Level Fitness

In order to gain the high level fitness that everyone wants, you must first learn the basics of movement and progression. Once you gain the skill of a movement, we begin to add resistance or speed. To make this method of progression easy, we consecutively use two systems – “Stability > Strength > Power” and “Static > Stable > Unloaded” & “Dynamic > Unstable > Loaded.”

Get Toned & Firm

When you use your own body for resistance, you build usable functional strength and put on lean & dense muscle. This is the lean muscle that shrinks your body fat, allows you to burn more calories, and makes you strong.

Integrate & Strengthen Connections

Working out in an environment that has no machines, using your own body weight for resistance, and stepping away from the mirrors to release the ego forces your body to progress naturally. At MHMBG, we follow what nature does and teach you to optimize the skills you will need to not only survive, but thrive.

Boot Camp

Develop Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina & Speed

Put the fun back into your workout! In boot camp, you’ll learn techniques designed to challenge your cardiovascular endurance, agility and balance. You’ll engage every muscle in your body while maintaining a sweat throughout the entire hour. Our high-energy will keep you moving, even when you think you can’t!

Natural Conditioning Advantage

Move Instinctively

Learn to move as you did as a kid and instinctively like an animal. What could be more fun that walking on your hands or swinging from ring to ring? By following our progressions you will learn to move properly off the ground or through the air. Whether your movement is vertical, horizontal, upside down, backwards or forward, we start you off with the basics and progress you to optimal performance.

Be Self Reliant

Being self-reliant is more than just doing things for yourself, it’s a mindset. To achieve your goals, it’s going to take hard work, determination, discipline, and the will to fight off complacency. We are not here to hold your hand or to do the work for you. As your coach, as your trainer, as your friend, we will teach you the skills that are needed to perform better, eat healthier, restore your body, and achieve things you never thought you could.

Get Lean & Defined

The end result of hard work is the thing we are all striving for. Getting lean and defined is a process and can feel like a never ending battle. At MHMBG we help to alleviate this pain, by taking the traditional model of getting definition (lifting weights) and flipping it upside down. It should never feel easy, but it’s definitely going to get better with every class you do.

Practice Core Strengthening Dynamic Movements

Most people think of core simply as abdominal muscles, but it is much more than that. The “core” of the body includes the hips, the waist, the entire spine, shoulders, and neck. All of these areas or sections of the body have the opportunity to collapse on every movement and it is imperative that we teach the body how to maintain alignment throughout all movements.

B.A.S.E. Yoga (Mobility and Stability)

Develop Alignment, Good Posture, & Stable Movements

Restoration or B.A.S.E. Yoga will improve your posture, flexibility, balance, self-awareness, and pain tolerance. It will also increase your strength, energy, and create a strong core. It can reduce your stress, alleviate pain, and help to restore your natural alignment. You will engage the weak muscles in the body, which can make dramatic improvements in your body’s alignment. This class also works to break up scar tissue and strengthen weak links in the body. You will do specific trigger point guided self-massage & movements to relieve joint aches, pains, and/or old injuries.