About Mile High Monkey Bar Gymnasium

Mile High Monkey Bar Gymnasium is not your typical gym. There are no machines. No ironic treadmills. No ellipticals. No benches. No blaring TV’s. Not a single dumbbell, and zero weight machines. Monkey Bar does not clutter the floor with any of the unsightly equipment you find in most other gyms in North America. You will not see anyone isolating themselves with music players or staring into the mirror- because there are no mirrors.

The Monkey Bar experience begins from simplicity. Members challenge, encourage, and help one another. At MHMBG, there is no attempt to squeeze weakness from the body one muscle at a time. Workouts engage the entire body, the entire person. Participants are expected to be present, to participate and to learn to achieve fitness by engaging in naturalistic movements- rather than body-part isolation. It is a place where holistic and systems-based thinking meets fitness.


The Monkey Bar Training Wheel is a three-part system where each component depends upon and supports the next. It is the most holistic approach to fitness and wellness that exists in the Western fitness industry. When unified in a comprehensive training and health regimen, the Wheel of Life program is designed not only to improve your strength, endurance and physique- but also to realign the vital systems of your body and restore the default state of robust good health that nature intended for you.


1. Training Warriors

The Red-Third of the circle focuses on the reflexes and the musculoskeletal system. Participants learn to move instinctively, by training the mind and the muscles to utilize naturalistic movements to develop a kind of strength that is practical, and not just practicable.

  • Old School Resistance: inspired activities to develop true physical strength and endurance.
  • Running: a most practical exercise which builds strength from the core down and enhances your cardiovascular health.
  • Bodyweight Training: participants use the weight of their own bodies to build muscle strength and to develop outstanding full body mobility – with no machines to get in the way.
  • Track & Field: beautiful and time-honored fitness tasks and sporting events which have been a hallmark of championship athletes for centuries.
  • Gymnastics: experience full body dynamic mobility and strength training as developed by the one of world’s most intense sports.

2. Rebuilding Warriors

The yellow-third of the MHMBG fitness wheel fosters wellness of mind and body by co-integrating the two. Using the guided practice of B.A.S.E. Yoga, participants learn to use focused awareness and conscious breathing to nurture the mind/body connection.

  • Beginner Sequence: prepare to feel your most dramatic results as your system relearns optimal self-healing.
  • Partner Feedback: double your learning curve by giving and receiving guidance from a chosen partner.
  • Conscious Breathing: experience the power, focus and joy that comes from quieting the mind with conscious breathing.
  • Warrior Sequence: Discover the dynamic, spiritual, and intensely physical warrior sequence..

3. Lean & Green Warriors

Plant based nutrition is the most natural and powerful way to feed and restore all of the cells of the body. Participants will learn to utilize the fruits of the Earth to achieve a type of nutrition that will never weigh you down, never cause stiff or bloated bellies- a type of nutrition which employs the correct molecules to your cells to feed, repair and rebuild your organic systems. Participants will experience more substantial and sustainable fitness gains, stronger bones, denser muscles, enhanced circulation and digestive function. In addition to all of this, almost everything in the MHMBG plant-based nutrition system contains powerful natural antioxidants proven to dramatically reduce the risk of deadly ailments such as heart disease and cancer. You will be guided into developing a diet that the human body has developed a relationship with over the course of millions of years.

No machines. No mirrors.

Mile High Monkey Bar Gymnasium specializes in natural, useful movements, for the development of what is known as “functional fitness.” The MHMBG system relies on body weight training, resistance, and kinetic energy, shunning the tired, clichéd and narrowly focused weight benches and health club torture machines you see at every other gym on the continent.
At Monkey Bar, fitness is an experience of mindfulness. Our members interact with each other and support each other, rather than dive into isolation and ego-pandering- gazing into mirrors and shutting out the world with headphones. Not at MHMBG.
If you’ve been looking for the right gym for years and years, going from one clanking, noisy, TV blaring, ego fest to the next, or if such places never even began to appeal to you in the first place- we think there’s a good chance that Monkey Bar may be the right place for you.
At MHMBG, we are committed to craft a program that is realistic, effective, and most importantly- one that suits your goals, your state of health, and your personality. Everyone who participates in our programs comes in the same way. So we maintain consistency in an egalitarian environment where your path to strength and wellness is ready to reveal itself to you.

Come to MHMBG and train intentionality.